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@2016-09-11 13:20:35
just wanted to see if anyone could help me on this one...

i am contemplating making a move to california from toronto...i am a C.A., writing my C.F.A. level 3 next year and am working as a fixed income analyst...

two questions:

1) how do you see the job market playing out in cali in the next year or so? should i be looking in san fran and/or los angeles?

2) does anyone have a good list of recruiters in cali? do the san fran or los angeles societies post any recruiters on their websites?

i would love to hear any tips or suggestions from anybody working in cali right now...much appreciated!

I wish I knew this site earlier. Keep up the good work!
@2016-09-15 10:38:05
Here is my 2 cents..

best place to get hold of any recruiters to my knowledge is through linkedin...
Looks like California is having its own issues, unemployment rate expected to cross 11%, high state tax, lot of companies trying to relocate to different states from Cali and etc...and not sure if either LA or San Fran will offer you a better job market compared to east coast (New york, Boston, NJ etc)..

Just a thought, as you are planning to relocate, I would consider all these..

good luck
@2017-12-22 18:31:34
From what I read last week unemployment in CA is ~12% and in LA is closer to 14-15%, not counting the under-employed and discouraged workers.

I've lived in LA for 6 years and the job market is brutal. The SF job market is a bit better and there appears to be more companies hiring there. But there are also firms in SD that are worth checking out.

Fixed income appears to not be so bad; I've seen a couple openings here and there. Pasadena has a lot of firms, West LA has some major non-downtown firms and Santa Monica has solid PE and boutique firms.
LinkedIn is a good tool. . . Although I haven't had much luck with it (seems to be saturated). Just start networking like crazy! At least the weather is worth it.

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