AuthorTopic: Jobs in London for an American
@2010-06-20 10:47:44
Anybody know what would be the best way to transition to working in London for a year or two? Is it hard to get a working visa? Will companies even look at you if you're American and not a British nor EU citizen?


@2010-06-21 07:14:30
Getting a visa is a bit tricky for any none EU Citizen (US, Nigerian, Asian and anyone else). I cant see why a firm would want to hire a non-EU citizen and incurr the hassle & expense of a visa UNLESS you can offer them something unique.
@2010-06-22 12:23:25
I'm planning to look for a job in London myself. they most certainly value american experience. visa is not a problem for americans. just go there, get a job and they'll take care of it for ya. for asian guys like me, different story.
@2010-06-23 13:30:44
even before you find a job, you are likely to qualify for the UK's "Highly Skilled Migrant Programme"

That is, you are likely to qualify if you have a dgree and have already been working.

Google it to get all the details.
@2010-06-24 09:24:22
sure the HSMP programme is a good one.
@2010-07-04 12:33:01
Well, the HSMP program is an option only if you want to live in London for several years, because from the day you deposit the dossier till you collect your visa (if you are granted that visa) it may take up to 12 months, perhaps less in the US, but in no case it is less than 90 working days.

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