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@2010-01-05 17:12:51
I am currently working as a 2nd year credit risk analyst in California. I would like to move back to NYC where I did my master of finance there. Does anyone know what to do in?? Should I rely on headhunters, previouis alumini contacts, or........ I am eager to go back to NYC and I believe my education and experience are suitable for areas in asset mgmt, trading, banking and..... Thanks
@2010-02-04 05:32:32
I am an MSEE working in tech industry(semiconductors) as embedded software engineer(totally unrelated to finance) since past three years. I am interested in changing to finance by taking CFA starting june 2010 (level 1). I feel I can apply analytical skills better in finance than tech software at this stage. I have a good math background from engineering and actually I come from a good school from India with good math fundamentals (grad level too as applied in digital communications). So far I find I have a decent general knowledge of economics and some aspects of finance too. But, my problem is convincing a future employer without any degree or exp in finance. I am interested in knowing if anybody has any suggestions as to how I can shift to a finance career by leveraging CFA with my engineering background and as to when it is wise to look for a shift(after passing level1/level2/level3).


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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
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Andrea Schildbach