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@2018-11-30 12:06:20
I just passed level 3 this summer and i'm trying to figure what i can do with it. it seems like all the shops i talk to (mostly in philadelphia) are looking for top tier mba and/or sell side/ib experience in addition to the cfa. i bombed the gmat so mba for right is now out of the question and i used to be in the valuation business.

I do have an interest in the retail/individual side of the business but it seems like those jobs tend to be "salesy". Is anybody out there know much about family offices and are they hiring cfa's? Is anybody doing well with just the cfa and nothing more?

@2018-12-01 23:36:42
I'd say spend some time checking out the ton of boutique firms out there.

Also, best advice I heard somewhere on these boards regarding networking was that if you get rejected from a job or can't find a fit, ask that person if they know of someplace where you would fit in.
@2018-12-06 09:06:24
I didn't mean to offend anyone in sales. Sales is very difficult and i have tremendous respect for anyone who can do it.

I meant that i don't think its for me and from what i hear the retail sales market is extremely competitive. "salary" was the wrong adjective.

I do think i would be good at explaining investment products - its bringing the people in that i would have a tough time with.

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