AuthorTopic: June '15ers still in school...
@2016-12-22 19:43:12
I'm in my final year of my undergrad. I'm wondering how the rest of you are balancing the CFA workload with your normal coursework.

Honestly, as far as studying goes, I'm like 90% CFA, and I'm worried that my grades might slip a bit this semester. I'll probably shut CFA down entirely when midterms and then finals roll around.

Anyone else? Or even any tips from anyone who did this previously (did you feel you did too much/not enough)?
@2017-01-28 09:31:53
I was an econ major and did CFA L1 during my last semester (Dec 15) and passed. I took a fundamentals of finance class that REALLY helped (as there was lots of overlap), as well as a statistics class that had heavy overlap with the quant (the university i went to did not obviously have a very rigorous math side of the economics - econometrics wasn't even required). Also used analystnotes and drilled about 1000 questions and did 8 mock exams? I recommend doing lots of mock exams, as it builds your stamina. Very important.

It's very doable, and honestly I didn't put in serious time until 1.5 months before the test. I'd say i put in about 70 or so total hours and only used CFAI materials for spot readings. I have a good markets/trading background, I must warn, so that helped me out considerably. (70+ in derivs, etc which are weak spots for many candidates)

Now I'm just dipping my toes in L2 and must admit I need to put in a lot more time (hanging out here in L1 is obviously a form of procrastination).

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