AuthorTopic: June 2008 CFA level I
@2007-11-08 10:22:05
I really want to attend at CFA in June 2008.
But I have little information about it. Any one could help me? What should I do? How long should I study (I am an accoutant and almost haven't study about financial analysis). Tks
I come from Vietnam and like to make friend with someone, who experienced or prepared to take this exam.
@2007-11-11 11:59:58
You must go to, which is the organization offering the exam and on whose web site you will find all the necessary information. If there is a local CFA society in your country, you will find information about that too.
@2007-11-12 04:35:01
Thank you so much for your help.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!