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@2007-12-03 06:40:06
I am interested in knowing more about June 2008 exam. My questions are
1) Which is better calculator HP 12C or TI BA II Plus?
2) I have read several articles/notes/forums and there is no option to regular studies. So 250 hrs - what CFA suggests is a MUST? I would like to know what people think about it?
3) Are you totally dependent on AnalystNotes or you are trying something else?

Please post your thoughts.
@2007-12-05 14:06:07
you should study more than 250 hrs if you dont have a financial background....
You can read the CFA books and use analyst notes , it is soo helpful.

do your best and work hard......
@2007-12-06 21:33:00
1.) Matter of taste. If you are used to the RPN keystrokes on HP calculators, use the HP. Otherwise the TI is probably easier
2.)If you plan to invest less than 300 hours and wanna have a social life for the next 6 months, don't bother
3.)The curriculum is quite good, but the notes are a great recap.

@2007-12-16 07:43:09
Thanks for the reply.
Another question is ...for June 2008 CFA institute is giving there own study material? They have not listed the books and readings from those books they used to till Dec 2007. This is the change that will be implemented for the first time in June 2008?

Any thoughts on the necessary and sufficient conditions of the study material ?
@2007-12-18 02:02:26
I guess I am going to ask a silly question because I don't too much about CFA exams and I just registered it yesterday. Why do we need the study notes? Is that short cut for study?
@2007-12-21 03:16:18
to: clairejin
it all depends on your purposes of getting that CFA designation.

if it were for a title and u r already a veteran in investment fields (with strong academic background), u don't need a shortcut.

if it were for your own good (u r not a professional of such), shortcut is a waste of time for u. cos' u won't get anything from it.

if it were for the sake of exam. there's no shortcut!!!

study notes are supplement/summary of what u already have, but not what you haven't.

in general, 250 hrs' study is reasonably enough for those who've been maintaining a continuous educational environment in their lives. i need far more time than that!
@2007-12-21 03:43:12
according to CFA institute, quoting the original authors is mandatory therefore each article it posted must have the source/s. browse carefully at the beginning page of each session and u will find the books & chapters, etc.

i imagine that:
if 100% competence with the curriculum (materials provided by CFAI) was risk-free in the exam. if i were 90% competence with a 80% selective study in each area, i still could have a pretty good chance of 72% pass rate. it reduced 20% workload on the materials studied. the assumption was exam content must not exceed the realm of the curriculum.

my conclusion is the materials are a must for me but not for the exam genius who may possess the related background.
@2007-12-24 16:13:49
Thanks for ur rely. Happy holiday
@2008-01-15 21:13:29
Not sure i I should sit for CFA Exam level 1 in June or Dec 2008.Currently not employed , just migrated fr Asia.Can anyone let me know if 4 months are sufficient to sit for CFA Exam level 1 in June? I was initially intending to purchase the self study package (from Scwesher) but after reading the feedback from previous candidates, I am now seems lost on which books to purchase! Can anyone advise?

Thanking in advance!
@2008-01-16 01:29:34
well dkgill

if u r previously from acc/fin background.
no worries 4 books or time frame 4 u then .
other wise study proper books as its a long term investment + notes what ever u like.

@2008-01-17 02:26:55
Thks for ur reply ncfa n I do have accounting background i.e ACCA.I guess every candidates do want bks n notes that s worth buying n of course every candidates have diff views abt study materials.I just have to try it myself !
@2008-01-18 00:11:12
oh dkg

thats kool u should rely on ur final level study material of bpp or atfl what ever u got .

take some revision of math stats etc
some more time on other areas.

@2008-01-19 03:35:23
thks for ur reply

will look into all that


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