AuthorTopic: June 2016 possible with 16 weeks study time?
@2016-02-02 18:23:31

Registered for June '16, started studying two weeks ago, and looking for input if three months will be sufficient?

Have finance/econ background, series 3 and 7, and have flexible work schedule right now. Feasibly I can devote about 3-4 hrs per day studying. Signed up with the expectation of averaging 20 hrs week for 15 weeks.

If I get through the reading by end of April will May allow enough time to focus on practice exams, including all the review questions and 10 mock exams provided by AnalystNotes?

Thanks and best of luck to all! John
@2016-02-12 23:45:47
I am currently working from home and I just started studying myself. I actually completed the CSC and CPH courses in the last month and now I am shifting my focus to CFA. I am dedicated 4 - 6 hours per day, 5 days a week from the 9th onwards. If you can dedicate some solid study time, and leave about 4 weeks minimum for review, you should be fine. 300 hours is a respectable amount, especially with your background.
@2016-03-02 10:27:21
300 hours would certainly be sufficient, especially if you have an economic background. You'll see similar posts like yours leading up to the end of April or later.

And yes definitely do lots of review questions and mock questions here.

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