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@2016-08-11 16:10:19
I passed with the following breakdown:

>70%: Alts, CF, Econ, Equities, FI, QM

51%-70%: Ethics, Derivs, FRA, PM

My 40/60/80 score was 71%

It's weird that going into the exam Ethics was by far my strongest topic, but my exam performance didnt demonstrate that. Then again, I did find Ethics much more difficult/trickier on the real exam than any practice Q I did, so I guess it's not a complete shock. Econ and FI on the other hand, were my weakest areas (substantially) going in, and I'm stunned I somehow did well on those.

Anyway, my main question is this: can anyone advise me, given the above breakdown and 40/60/80, on whether I BARELY passed or passed somewhat comfortably?

Thanks in advance.
@2016-08-11 21:03:25
You can calculate that.

It doesn't matter.

Focus on Level II.
@2016-08-12 13:51:44
I felt Ethics in the exam was much harder than the mocks (at least in the AM for me) that said basically what I have heard was there is not a ton of overlap and you should be fine just starting L2. Econ & PM were my only topics not >70 and thankfully most people said econ L2 is easier than L1.

Based on your score it is still all a guessing game. You could have scored a 69 in all the 4 you showed and done very well in the others. A pass is a pass is a pass, all you need to do is get ready for L2.
@2016-08-13 22:36:35
I always laugh when someone says Ethics is one of their strongest topics. In my opinion, if Ethics is one of your strongest topics, then you may be in trouble. Ethics is a total crap shoot at all three levels. At any level of CFAI, if you're relying on a >70 in Ethics to get you a pass, then thereâ??s a good chance you'll be in for disappointment.

Ethics is a slap in the face to all candidates who study like crazy only to get fooled by Ethics questions that oftentimes require the candidate to infer information that is not given and could be interpreted in many different ways.

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