AuthorTopic: June Level 1 mock exams: a total of 10?
@2010-04-24 07:27:02
I just read my account center that offers 10 mock exams instead of 6? Is that true?
@2010-04-25 04:31:04
That's true. 10 mock exams (1200 questions) for level 1 members. same price :-)
@2010-04-25 12:12:47
That's great! I think I will start to take one now!
@2010-05-02 09:10:57
Good deal. 10 mock exams for $69, plus thousands of practice questions.
@2010-05-02 13:07:23
why do i only see 8 on the site?
@2010-05-03 09:10:48
Two more mock exams will be added by the end of this week.
@2010-05-19 09:15:00
I've finished 7 mock exams. 3 to go. I plan to take them in the last week. Now I have a feeling of my chance at the exam!
@2010-05-19 21:13:33
Are there any for level 2?

BTW - the level 1 mock exams in my opinion were harder than the actual test - great prep tool.

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