AuthorTopic: Just ordered Level I
@2007-09-07 01:47:14
Since I am taking the June '08 exam, will the materials automatically update when the '08 study materials are ready? How will I know? Is beginning study now a waste of time, or does anyone have suggestions of what subject(s) I should read in the meantime?
@2007-09-07 03:35:21
Yes we are in the process of updating study notes and questions based on the 2008 study guide. Once it's done you will get an updated ebook at no extra charge.

All the current materials for level 1/2008 exam are based the the 2008 study guide and will not be "a waste of time". Unfinished readings are marked as "To be completed".

The AnalystNotes Team

CFA Discussion Topic: Just ordered Level I

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!