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@2019-05-03 08:11:29
Hi guys,

I have been looking at the forums and I see many ppl have already started studying for CFA. I have a finance background with all my core courses done with good marks. I was planning on studying 10-15 hrs per week from March... Is this too late as a general rule of thumb without going into CFAI timeline. I have ordered the analystnotes pro and the CFAI books as well. My plan is to do all practice questions thoroughly and then the CFAI books and then the mock exams during Nov. That was the approach my friend used to pass his level 1 last year.

Insights are really really appreciated.

Thank you
@2019-05-05 03:32:49
I am also preparing for dec 2016. I have no financial background. Finding it difficult to get through the terminologies , solving problems as well. I have called for the study notes, Are these enough or I should refer some more. I have started studying from mid of April. Please help me out with some more ideas to through this exam.

@2019-05-28 11:27:51
taking test Saturday, I would advise starting early, being organized, and work to get thru everything then regroup. The best thing you can do is shrink the material. Your first time through you are going to be very intimidated with all the formulas/theories. The more you go through the material, the more it sticks, and the more holes you fill in.
@2019-07-10 10:01:35
InitialJay sounds like you have a good plan so stick to it and you should be fine. I have signed up to the December Part 1 exam too and started studying two weeks ago.

Piuu good on you - you'll just have to put lots of time in and read around the subject to get familiar with terms etc. At the moment it seems like a lot but taking it lump by lump and not worrying about the rest is the way to do it. I am lucky in that I spent two years as a Corporate Finance anaylst and the last two as an analyst at a hedge fund, so have seen a lot of it before, albeit in a lot less detail.
@2019-07-21 04:42:14
Good luck.

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu