AuthorTopic: Just tried the first mock exam
@2010-05-08 18:02:21
Well, i just took my first 120 mock questions at and got a 73% ranking. I felt like I got just worked, hopefully over the next month i can really bring up these scores.

How is everyone else doing?
@2010-05-08 22:19:52
well done. I am consistently hitting 60-65% in mock exams. I dont know how to increase my scores. I will revise everything again and lets see if I can get better score.
@2010-05-09 09:51:37
Keep pumping out those questions. Once you are exposed to more questions you will have a better feel for how to answer the question and eliminate options. 73%+ is definitely realizable, just keep studying.
@2010-05-09 21:37:07
Got an 64% on the first and 77% on the second. Whats the concensus as far as difficulty?
@2010-05-13 09:37:15
please recomend a safe score for CFA passing
@2010-05-17 16:10:07
Guys, where did you get the full-length practice exams? Does AN provide one for L2? I don't see it.
@2010-05-18 12:17:05
Unfortunately, AN does not provide any mock exams for Level 2.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!