AuthorTopic: just wondering why
@2002-12-27 11:38:35
This site is extremely helpful, and I plan to use it frequently. My only question is - Why are you guys setting this site up? There has to be some incentive to do this site, and I can't imagine that advertising pays for all the work you have put in it. Anyway, I'm not complaining - Thanks for the help!
@2002-12-28 03:37:45
As you can see there is no advertising in this site. Two test prep providers actually offered to pay me for them to post commercial messages, just like you see in other forums (full of cheap sales).

It's fun to operate a site like this. You would understand if you were doing the same thing. Besides, we are not "busy professionals".

I am glad that you like the site. Any suggestions, let us know!

@2003-01-26 04:31:13
I am new to the site and the forum. Nice! I am not used to the frame yet.

I hope you will also have L3 material out for in a year.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!