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@2005-05-23 20:35:24
The practice exams for level 2 on the CFA Institute website have 30 questions for 120 minutes (4 minutes per ques)..That seems like a lot of time to me..anyone take them? Are they that hard? Does that mean that the total exam for 6 hours should be 90 MC questions? Anyone know?
@2005-05-23 21:01:37
In the official CFA Study Guide, it says the exam will consist of 20 item sets of 6 Q's each (10 in the morning session and 10 in the afternoon), for a total of 120 Q's on the exam. This averages out to 3 minutes per Q or 18 minutes per item set (which includes reading time for the scenario!). So, if you use 3-5 minutes to read the scenario, you're down to roughly 2.25-2.50 minutes for each question. Obviously, some will take 5 seconds to answer and others 2 minutes. So, there is definitely a need to manage your time well. One basic test-taking strategy I've used since college is to go through the whole exam quickly once and answer those that I know cold first and leave the ones that I know will give me some degree of trouble for the second/third run through, progressively narrowing it down from easiest to hardest (for me). This has helped immensely when it comes to time management -- and believe me, you'll need to manage your time well.
@2005-05-24 12:52:14

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