AuthorTopic: L II study group in (near) NYC
@2006-12-28 22:09:20
Anybody interested for study group for level II, 07 over the weekends. I work on east side manhattan and live in bergen county.
@2006-12-30 22:50:01
I am living in NJ. There is also an online group at this site, I tried to ask some questions related to material, and no one ever answered.
@2006-12-31 20:56:09
Hi Danlan,
I did read your questions but sorry can't possibly answer them because I haven't started studying for L2. By the way, which preparation material are you using besides this website. And where do you stay in NJ. I live near fort lee.
gud luck
@2007-01-01 01:51:49
I read this site and materials from cfa institute (assigned readings). I am living in edison, central NJ.
@2007-01-08 22:43:17
hey danlan,
gud to know that u live in edison. Its like 30 mins drive from my place. anyways, just wanted to ask by cfa institute materials (assigned readings) u mean cfa official curriculum or u have all the text books from which they gathered the notes. Another question, how many hrs r u putting each week. I need to start still for juen L2. hope i'll have enough time. Kindly be in touch.
@2007-01-11 03:25:23
I have text books plus two books provided by cfa institute.

I do not calculate the hours I put for cfa each week, but I try to put as much as possible everyday. I think it's better to have a study plan besed on LOS rather than based on studying hours.

I hope we will pass.
@2007-01-12 22:41:26
I am still so confused man. Its making me panic. R u comfortable studying from those books and believing that it would be sufficient. Where r u getting the case studies from then? I don;t at all mean to bother you buddy but all I need is little motivation here :) and definetely we'll pass :) I was looking at the matrix thing thats available at cfa website. It mentions 'readings' many of the times. no idea what it means....
thanks for all the comments man.. let me know if its ok for u to see me.. i'll come by edison.
@2007-01-14 15:55:07
Besides the text books and cfa institute books,
I use this site also, of course. I try to spend as much time as possible for basic questions, review questions, etc.

Email me to for more information.


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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!