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@2010-03-15 16:24:52
Hi, guys, how do you pace yourself during the exam?

1.5 minutes per question?

I took GMAT and I remember many GMAT takers, including me, distribute different amount of time for each 1/3 of the exam.

Should the same role applied to Level 1?

I came across a thread mentioning about pacing stuff, but can not quite remember.

Any ideas?

Thx a lot
@2010-03-29 22:03:23
The exam is divided in 2 sessions, there 120 questions each session for total of 240 questions and you have 180 minutes per sesssion for total of 360 minutes. So that leaves you with 1.5 min per question on average. The rule of thumb is you should try not to spend more then 1.5 per question, that will avoid making you panick at the end and if you are extremelly good in managing time, may even give you few extra minutes at the end to check on your work. When you are taking an actual exam and the question is taking you longer then 90 sec, you either skip it or guess it, and keep going. Time is VERY VERY precious during the exam.
@2010-04-16 09:50:55
each question has the same weight so spending too much time on one hard question is costly when you can score easier points

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