AuthorTopic: L1 Formulas
@2005-11-10 13:18:58
Does anyone know where I can find a consolidated list of formulas for L1?
@2005-11-14 06:41:15
So just spend some dimes and make copies, viola, formula reference guide.
@2005-11-14 19:23:42
The BA II Plus has the PV value on the cover. Haw haw!

So really, if I can figure everything out on my calculator, I won't need to know all the long formulas, correct?
@2005-11-16 17:46:57
I've compiled a half-page list you need to learn. Everything else: understand!
@2006-02-17 05:03:44
Do we get a formula sheet in the exam? Otherwise how do we know which formulae to learn?
@2006-02-17 09:09:06
No you don't get formula sheet in the exam. You have to memorize all damn formulas.

This site gives a 18-page formula sheet to paid members. It's included in the $69 package.

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