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@2006-02-04 07:03:34
Is there anyone here who is preparing for Level 1 in Malaysia, perhaps around KL area? May be we can meet up sometimes to study together.

@2006-02-05 04:23:55
Hi there, I am from KL and planning to start CFA level I soon. At this moment, I am still in the state of digging more materials and information on CFA programe in Malaysia as well as the relevant Intstitutes in KL. Do you have any idea?
@2006-02-16 06:42:29
Hey, I've just registered myself and planning to take the Level 1 exam in December. Currently Inti, Kasturi College and Kolej Terbuka Msia are offering the CFA program. I've called Kasturi a thousand times and actually dropped by the office today to enquire. Apparently they'll be conducting lectures from march 20th for the preparation of December exam.
@2006-02-20 04:23:24
Hi there i'm, i'm looking to register myself for the December exam with a group of my colleagues at our company's own institute (not in your list, SHIA), at jalan tun razak. The lecturer has not finalised yet but it will be 1-2 times a week, will start in March/April. It also open to general public but the student are mainly the company's staff.
@2006-02-22 10:04:34
hi, i decide study CFA course but don't know u all take this course at where? cause i at ipoh. may i know ipoh have offer this course? then where u all sit for exam?
@2006-03-02 01:47:35
In Malaysia..I suppose the xm are only at one place is at KLCC convention centre..Honestly i dun know much about Ipoh. I dun know whether there is any good institution there
@2006-03-16 04:05:04
Hi, i'm in singapore and working in OCBC Bank. I would like to take an exam LEvel I on dec'06. But i have some doubts on Registration. Could you please help out in this...

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@2006-03-16 04:08:07
Hi, i'm in singapore and working in OCBC Bank. I would like to take an exam LEvel I on dec'06. But i have some doubts on Registration. Could you please help out in this...

@2006-03-16 22:09:35
Reading the preparation note provided by CFA, this course is designed for self study. I think we shall prepare a list of mandotary reading materials like hanbook & CFA preparation notes. Tution will help us to clarify on subjects that we are less well of & the common exmination questions. It would cover all required topics and learning outcome. Perhape first we shall find out a list of study materials required by CFA and most pupolar used study kit. Then we compare to what we have. We should share this information.
IBBM has years of experience in providing revision class for CFA level 1. It cost about RM2,000.
I think IBBM is the one who organize the CFA examination in Malaysia.
Please act, you have lot of materials to disguse before we write the examination.
@2006-04-15 09:10:01
I think it is possible to take CFA exam, without really need to take any course. It is a self-study course.

I just got notes from Analyst Notes, and I am preparing myself. I am taking in June 06 for Level 1. Anyone in KL that are taking June 06 for Level 1?
@2006-04-19 10:52:53
I'll be taking a CFA exam in December for L1. One thing, i having difficulty finding a calculator, I prefer Texas Instrument. Where i can find it in KL, which shop?
@2006-05-01 09:58:11
I got it at Times Square..4th floor, i think
@2006-05-07 07:27:18
Times Square....i better to look for it now..thanks a lot!
@2006-05-10 09:02:15
I am taking level 1 in december. Self STudy also..Dun think taking courses will help me as I will fall asleep during the wat i did in my degree =p
@2006-05-10 12:25:34
I actually taking the lecture, all will be fully sponsored by my company and it is done in house during office hour. I dun mind sleep....i didn't lose anything..quite lucky isn't it. I'm also taking level 1 in July
@2006-05-22 15:23:26
hey is anybody interested in forming a study group for december level 1 exam. I'm also currently doing self-study but i need some guidance along the staying around PJ/KL area.if possible, we can also hold discussions online.anyone?
@2006-05-28 07:51:53
I do agree with shia's idea. But how to arrange for that?
@2006-05-28 08:48:46
I'm agree, i'm staying in KL, i also sitting in December for level. So how we start?
@2006-05-30 12:12:25
do u guys have MSN messenger? probably we could work things out when we discuss privately as i do not wanna exchange private details ie. mobile number or where exactly do i live etc publicly. you guys can add me at see u guys soon!cheers!

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