AuthorTopic: L1 Jun05 exam questions
@2005-06-08 22:55:30
Could anyone who just took the L1 exam post some questions from the exam, especially questions were based on more than 1 LOS? I'm gonna take the Dec one for the first time and wanna get some ideas about the real exam. Thx
@2005-06-10 07:29:37
What you are asking is not ethical.
@2005-06-10 11:51:55
dude, take a look at the sample questions from the CFA website. I guess you're planning on skipping the ethics portion.
@2005-06-14 12:24:37
Posting exam questions on a public forum is:

A) unethical
B) good sportsmanship
C) improving the standing of the CFA charter
D) a quick way to have your membership rescinded

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Colin Sampaleanu