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@2015-12-28 20:12:52
Guess its time for the fresh L1ers lurking all around here to stick their head up. I am one and i acknowledge the 'hangover' is still in the air but the earlier we shift our attention to the June exam, the better.

I expect L1ers to use this thread to share their strategies and preparation progress. This could help sharpen and refine others' strategies, motivate and provide useful insight for all. The contributions of L1ers would be very important considering their fresh perspective while L1 'veterans' additions would also be very helpful.I am going to 'bell the cat'.

Decided to sit for the L1 June'16 exams in September'15 and got the AnalystPro package for $99 only. Was hesitant on reading the '14 study notes offered by a friend as i learn't the CFA syllabus could change as much as 40% each year. I decided to start in October all the same believing I am studying mainly for the knowledge.

I work almost 55hrs a week and get home flat out most of the time. Weekends-not that disciplined to read 4-6hrs. I only manage to read at dawn from like 04:00hrs-06:00hrs b4 zooming off to work. These all combined has made my progress slow. I am already feeling a little behind schedule even with months to spare.

Apart from the above 'wahalas' (my native parlance for problems), my reading have not been chronological as the CFA design. Started with Ethics cos i found it interesting. Skipped Quant and moved to FRA. Abandoned FRA after 'Lond lived Assets'-something like halfway the entire study guide. Have completed Corporate finance,PM & should complete Equities ceteris paribus by 14th December. Note that on the self tests after each SS, i have done badly with an average of 45-50%.

My plans on the LR include finishing the first readings by end February, practise like 5-6 x 120 questions for some weeks, revise weak areas and then do a second reading by March-April. Next May i plan to use strictly for mock questions. I heard AnalystNotes' 10 mock exams are harder than the real one.

Now listen to this and u are likely gonna scream at me. I have not even registered for the exam. I intentionally delayed it. I am targeting registering before the Feb 16 second stream cos i would like to gauge my preparation before committing myself.

Here now comes the questions? 1) How dumb or cool is my overall strategy? 2) How can i Improve my study plan? Can registering early help motivate? Is the chronology of readings very relevant? Can i significantly improve my scores? How is it going with you?

Comments, Contributions, Criticisms, Advices etc Thanks.
@2018-01-30 22:04:37

Since Im new I dont know how great of insight my comments will be but its great that you started so early, which would help a lot!

I will be doing level I in June 2018. I registered a few days ago and am waiting for the curriculum. so far my plan is to read through all the SSs taking detailed notes, do the EOCs and finish all the CFAI material by end of March since I work 40 hrs a wk, that should give me enough time in the 3 months. Then in April and May I am considering using AnalystNotes, practice its exams (especially the mocks) and reading through that and making sure I know all the LoS while cross ref w my notes and doing the exams focusing on weak areas. Then late May read through the 11th hr or secret sauce (anyone have advice on which one is better?) and then cross my fingers and pray on June 23rd.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve my strategy?

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu