AuthorTopic: L1 Just text books enough?
@2013-02-15 11:03:48
I read the textbooks this year and probably failed the Dec exam. Now I'm way too broke to pay $600+ for study notes of other companies. (I am considering the $69 membership fee here at analystnotes)
Is textbooks alone enough? Please tell me there are people out there who passed with just the use of textbooks. This will be my second time around after all.
Thanks in advance for your opinion.
@2013-02-26 18:15:34

I am a L1 candidate (June/13) and I am studying primarily through the notes provides. I flirted with the idea of reading the textbooks and went ahead and read a couple of them. After paging through the books I realized that there is too much information to sift through. Even though reading ever line of the book would be beneficial to my finance knowledge I felt that it would be overkill and not the most effective way to remember concepts etc for the CFA exam. I have changed my strategy and am going to study with the notes and use the books that I have as a reference in case I hit a topic that the notes does not explain fairly.

Just as a side note. I have been taking my CMA exams over the past year. The required candidate reading of the CMA follows the same pattern as the CFA. There are a bunch of textbooks that compose the recommended candidate reading list. Instead of buying the books I bought study notes and so far have passed all of my exams quite comfortably.

In short use the notes as your primary focus of study, use the books you have to backup and clarify any concepts that you feel need further work on and cement your preperation with a good test bank software. Practice makes perfect!!

And oh yea.. I am a L1 candidate and havent quite taken the exam yet, but so far I think that this is the most effective strategy! :-D


@2013-05-26 09:26:37
I agree with Ryan, I just subscribed to and received the full access immediately. I've been reading side by side both notes and Schweser notes and so far have been very similiar. I'm supplementing with Schweser notes since they do have multiple choice questions so its a good strategy to practice with them, however the notes from are very well explained and for a $69 fee you get a good set of notes. So in sum, my studying is through the notes while reading Schweser at the same time, anything that may have been missed from I'll jot on my hardcopy notes.

Good luck!!

@2013-05-30 08:30:24
very good strategy i must say from both astroboy and ryan-
last thing to do is make out time and also learn the strategy of passing an exam-questions to answer,what to do first and self composure.
I have seen David beckam miss a penalty believe me.
@2013-06-17 15:07:06
Hi Astroboy, thanks for your great sharing about Schweser, how much did you pay for those multiple choice questions?
@2013-08-03 08:42:52
Yes. I have no finance background other than what I have taught myself. I read all the books (although only within the last 2 months prior to the test) and scored in the top 40%. I failed because I didn't put more time into studying the economics portion. If you use the books alone you can pass. That being said I am sure being in a study course you'll gain an advantage but I think you can get a similar advantage by joining a local study group.
@2013-08-04 23:48:33

I am planning to appear in CFA L1 June 13.I do not have any finance background.Pls suggest which material I should go for?
CFA e books can only work?
or I need to see other study materials other than CFA?
@2014-02-23 14:36:57
My advice to you is that, you could ask as many persons what worked for them but that doesn't mean it would work for you. You have to know your own studying habits and analyze what you think you have done wrong in the past. Improve upon your mistakes and I'm sure whether you use the text book only, or notes only or both, no matter what you use you'll pass the exam because you would have learned from your mistakes. Good luck.
@2018-10-05 01:50:42
Can any one provide used 2018 notes cfa level 1

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz