AuthorTopic: L1 Result is out
@2004-07-28 14:39:34
the passing rate for June is only 34%, the lowest ever. Thank God I passed. I scored more than 70% for all the areas except alternative assets.
@2004-07-28 14:53:31
I failed.
@2004-07-28 15:04:02
Guys, Wanted to be the first to say that results are out, Ilcalypso beart me to it! I passed and am unbelievably happy! Did ok, not great.
Congrats to all the others who passed, and best of luck for the next attempt to those who didn't this time.
I am really grateful to the CFA center people; I wanted to thank you all when results were finally out.
@2004-07-28 16:56:54
I passed too, pretty convincely. Thank to the CFA notes, I think it's the best. I can't wait to see the Level II notes.
@2004-07-28 17:37:23
i flunk!!

did relatively well for ethics & fixed income. It seemed that CFA expects you to have 70% for all topics 'cos i cleared most of the heavy weightage ones e.g.finanacial statement, ethics, fixed income, equity analysis.

Thought there's no need to emphasis on the lesser weightage topics such as port mgmt, alternative assets, derivatives.

Look's like i'm wrong! Anybody has the same thinking as me may have to change

@2004-07-28 18:14:56
I passed as well, CFA center is a great site to use, questions are much more realistic than prep courses, got +70% on all subjects but alternative assets
@2004-07-28 20:04:14
I passed and I also got over 70% on all subjects except alternative assets. Isn't that weird?
@2004-07-28 21:57:40
I abandoned the accounting part (I guess I get around 40% right) because I have no time, I only spent 200 hours to prepare it (spent only 2 days on accounting) and I passed it. I was gambling, because I strongly believe the weight of accounting is far less than 30%, and I am right. I spent 1.5 hours on accounting in the first session, trying to guess what's right, and this cause my fail of AL, so in the second session, I totally delete the accounting question, just random select to save time. the final result:
AC and AL are < 50%, FI 50%-70%, others > 70%, thanks god, I passed.
@2004-07-29 00:10:05
Congratunations to all of the 34% level I candidates and myself too

I did well and result is excellent too.

I passed, thanks for my hard work

@2004-07-29 01:35:29
i flunk totally misperformed. this is the second time! congatulations to the 34% on a good work done am out.
@2004-07-29 07:58:04
i failed. almost all of the parts are 51%-70%.
@2004-07-29 07:58:59
Congratulations to everyone. I passed level 1. I feel like I scored near the cutoff line, but was pushed over by my ethics score. CFAcenter really helped me focus my attention on my weak areas. I was surprised to read CFA's upbraiding letter condemning those who used study sessions before attempting the exam. Our economics lesson teaches opportunity cost, so this trend neither surprises me nor will be likely reversed.
Good luck in June '05.
@2004-07-29 11:35:50
I passed with cfacenter's notes only. It's one of the best $50 I've spent in my life.
@2004-07-31 11:37:11
I passed. I got over 70% in all areas except only 50-70% in ethics and alternative assets. It seems quite strange that almost no person got over 70% in alternative assets. Maybe its really alternative and not important enough, haha~

But actually, I've practice the exam long ago i.e. say before 3 mths from the exam date. At that time, I almost every day including Sat and Sun went to library after work. I think it could be over 200 hrs and really exhausting. So if it still failed, I would better go to hell~~~

BTW, when will you guys start studying Level II?

@2004-08-02 06:56:23
Thanks to God. I passed. 6 out of 9 areas above 70%.
@2004-08-03 10:35:37
I passed with AL & DA =<50%, while EC, ET & QU >70%. I want to say thanks to cfa center!

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!