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@2019-06-29 17:15:56
We are all at the same line ....We had all studied approximatly for the same time (200h-500h).....all of us had the same feeling after the exam just confidence with (30% to 50% from 240 question) ......but just 50% of us will be Level II candidate as every year percentage..did any one fell that he/she will be candidate for LEVEL II ? what about the rest? what will they do? did they will pay (Extra $500) or keep this matter OFF?
@2019-07-11 09:53:32
I really don't know if I will pass. After six hours exams and 240 questions its hard to remember the percentage you were 100% sure. In the morning was going again the clock and in the afternoon the feeling was better.If I don't pass I don't know if doing it again. I am thinking about that.
@2019-07-15 10:39:34
Looking at all the posts here on the 2019 Level I experience, I am not sure we all get the same question paper. Some of us seem to have found it incredibly easy, easier than all mock exams; others think it was considerably more difficult. I belong to the latter category. Also about which sections were considered difficult also seems to vary among people.
I agree with brujita94, don't know if I will pass, don't remember how many I'm sure are right, thought the morning session was tougher than the afternoon one, and found time rather than the question level of difficulty to be more important.
Now it's a matter of waiting out the next two months!
@2019-07-19 07:44:41
This is what I found. I did about 7 mock exams (3 hour ones) before the real exam. My feeling is that the mock exams point to the wrong direction. By saying this, I mean some of the mock exams have lots of tough questions and questions of the same level of complexity never showed up in the real exam. Another reason for the wrong direction is that the mock exam writers don't really realize what are the most important stuff CFAInstitute intends to test. So I basically wasted lots of time on the stuff that I now know will never be tested.

I feel the same about the morning session, which is harder than the afternoon one. Usually you need to get 70% to pass, but if this test was really harder than previous ones, the cutoff line might be a little lower, but not below 65% I guess...

Do you guys want to sign up for the December test, or wait till next June, if you fail? The second deadline for registration for Dec. test is in August. I heard a rumor that one can not sign up for a test if he took one within 6 months. Is this true?
@2019-07-24 14:51:26
I actually think I should pass, in other words, I would be very shocked if the result says otherwise. I mainly used the cfacenter notes and I think most of the questions are covered. I am pretty sure on about 90% of the afternoon section; the morning section was a little rough, I wasn't managing the time well, but still I think I should get at least 60%. I wasn't sure about the ethics, though, there were quite a few questions that I couldn't decide between two choices. So if I fail, it would be because of the ethics, i.e., I was extremely unlucky, and got all unsure questions wrong and did terrible on ethics.
@2019-08-01 11:14:04
I believe the only restriction on registration is that you cannot register for the December exam until you have your results from the June exam.

Unfortuantely the mock exams have to point to some wrong directions. There's too much material to cover and no one knows what CFA Institute will test. That's the problem with studying for the exams at any level.

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