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@2005-02-05 12:25:45
Did any one tried L2 notes of analyst notes or any other prep provider. Could you please give feedback.
@2005-03-26 10:12:32
There a few people using the level 2 for analystnotes but they are not complete and not thorough enough to pass the exam using only these. Most of the other provider notes have problems too, from what I hear, so your best bet is to do more questions.
@2005-03-26 19:08:36
I am using both Passpro and analystnotes for level 2. Both have some kinds of problems. The questions of study session 14 and 15 are still missing at this site. For passpro, the problem is worse: it just does not have ANY single review questions for all new required readings of 2005! It looks like passpro did not update its notes and questions for this year. It claims to have over 4000 questions but the majority of its questions are "redundent". i.e. one same question, but asked with different sets of data....

In my opionion, it's better to use textbooks as your main study source, and use one set of questions from any test prep provider as a supplemental copy.
@2005-03-26 21:45:01
I bought Shulman's level 2 notes about a month ago, and was surprised that what I got were notes for 2003 exam! I made a complaint and the response was that "that's all we have". If you don't believe this, go spending $199 (notes only) and you will find out. I think it's common for these providers this year as 2005 will be the first year that L2 exams will be offered in multiple-choice format. Nobody except for AIMR knows what's like in a real exam.

@2005-03-27 05:51:47
Hello Leslie:

You are right. I just checked Shulman's web site. Here is the page:

It says:"
Study Notes--Not Available

Our 2005 Level II Study Notes are written by specialists. Buy the 2005 Study Notes now and receive our 2004 Study Notes immediately (downloadable & printable) along with Free Level II Archive Lectures and ShulmanQuest. Approximately 2-3 months after CFAI announces the new 2005 LOS, we will ship you the new 2005 Study Notes. Plus, you will receive all updated 2005 archived lectures (beginning in the Spring) for free!"

Wha's funny is that now is the end of March/2005 but it says it will give you notes for 2004 if you pay. I guess it has not updated anything of its web site since early last year.
@2005-03-28 17:46:52
What a relief. Other notes providers have problems too. And how expensive are they !!!
Best luck for all L2 candidates :-)
@2005-10-23 07:49:00
Level 2 this site really useful? As in their notes...are they like complete or just important points? I am a new user.

as for the textbooks, I can always find the list of recommended textbooks and topics on AIMR's website?

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