AuthorTopic: less than 24hrs 2 go! stay calm?!?
@2008-01-22 18:57:08
how does 1 stay calm wen expecting l1 results.i pray & trust that at this time 2moro i'll be celebrating! i believe that if i pass i'll have enough momentum 2 carry me throu l2!

good luck 2 all candidates 4 2moro!
@2008-01-23 15:38:46
I killed it! Thanks - definitely could not have done it without you. Now on to II...
@2008-01-23 15:56:52
Good luck.
@2008-01-23 16:03:28
I am among the 39%. Woo hooo
@2009-01-23 20:03:45
39%?! and I'm on it? 0_0
Ok, now Level II... here I come! Good luck to everyone else :)

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Colin Sampaleanu