AuthorTopic: let's form an investment company!
@2015-03-12 23:12:53
Hey guys,

While reading some posts and noticing how many are out of the industry or would like to join the industry (asset mgmt, IB).... well... with everyone on this forum looking....we can start our own company...... asset mgtm on one side and IB on the other....... so...when do we start....??
@2015-03-14 13:22:05
cool, just let me know what your stock symbol is so I can short it.
@2015-04-17 09:59:05
You mean you guys are serious? Your not afraid of having "hit squads" from Goldman, Merrill or Fidelity pick you off? I think starting your own AM or HF represents an enormous amout of effort. Its basically a life's work, no? You probably would have to wait YEARS before the real big dollar clients would take your seriously. Even then, the costs might out weight the benefits. Of course. If you can do it, well, the sky is quite literally the limit.
@2015-05-25 14:31:37
It's worth it, you just have find your niche. There are tons of ibanks out there that focus on specific industries and specific subsectors in those industries. You can find your niche by industry, transaction size, geography, anything. The bulge bracket banks don't waste their time with things that aren't worth their time so that means a lot of middle market down below get overlooked. Every ibank has their middle market groups but mid market to them is really just step below the large cap stuff and it's often times not worth it on a fee or underwriting level. And the thing is there is a ton of activity below the Microsoft, Wal-Marts, and IBMs.
@2015-07-07 18:06:06
I am in. lets do it.

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