AuthorTopic: Let's take a little Level II Poll
@2005-06-07 11:06:24
In general how do you guys feel you did on the last 3 questions of the morning session. well 80%+
ok 60-79
poor 40-59
really bad 0-40I'll go first - really bad, like 20%
@2005-06-08 22:33:55
noi'll join you at really bad...
20% sounds about right (optimistic?)
@2005-06-09 07:09:11
I did a little bit better... put me down for poor (60% <)
@2005-06-12 23:17:41
I dont even remember the last 3 Qs... what were they? If one was FCFF/FCFE put me down for really really bad on that one, though.. Am I the only one who couldnt get the numbers to add up on that one?
@2005-06-13 05:40:37
you were not the only one who couldn't get the FCFE/FCFF to add up. I am now hoping that my powers of guessing were on form
@2005-06-14 12:46:44
truer words have never been spoken
@2005-06-14 13:45:02
I wish I could remember the last three questions of the morning session so that I could stop having nightmares about the currency translation question, the pension question and the merger question (all afternoon). I was never so glad to see econ and derivatives questions as I was during the afternoon portion of that test. What were the last three from the morning?
@2005-06-21 14:41:24
Regarding the point of the questions "not adding up"..I had that problem as well on a few questions for which I was "positive" I had the right formula..most questions read "choose the closest answer", with "closest" in italics...My thought was that they may have been trying to make you 2nd guess your knowledge...If I couldn't get the exact answer, I stayed firm and went with the closest..but who knows, I may be doing this test again next year..anyone else feel that some the questions wanted you to move to a closest non-exact answer? As for the last 3 questions in the morn, I can't remember which ones they were either..

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz