AuthorTopic: Level 1 2006 Notes
@2005-09-16 18:17:10
Hi All,

Just wondering what notes can we use for Level 1 exam in June 2006, are they avaliable from prep providers??

I am in Vancouver, BC any body from Vancouver, pls get in touch!!!!


@2005-09-22 23:26:38
not sure, cfa slow to respond to inquiry re: what's included in complied curriculum 2006 from 2005 curriculum & supplemental. 2005 curriculum has economics: private & public but for compiled 2006 it's under supplemental materials (as per cfa bookstore site). it would be a lot of help if somebody could list which topics were compiled for 2006 package worth $395; curriculum & supplemental (like solutions manual etc)
@2005-09-23 21:42:15
hey Rajat , I am in vancouver...whats ur contact info?
@2005-09-27 18:14:40
I am in Vancouver too. get in touch and form a study group?
@2006-03-02 06:33:44
Hi, I'm shortly moving to Seattle, WA. Can you share some thoughts on what study material to use for L1 ?? Or would you recommend any other source ? Thanks.
@2006-05-27 13:26:05
I am in Harare, Zim please get in touch!!!!

@2006-05-29 10:43:26
I will be interested in purchasing your CFA Level I Curriculum for 2006 after ur exams,good luck for saturday.
My email is
@2006-06-15 17:04:25
Hi, I am in the CA Bay Area planning to take Level 1 in Dec. 06, anyone interested in forming a study group?
@2006-08-17 06:58:04
Anybody in Canada in the Toronto area interested in forming a study group?
@2007-01-30 11:09:02
hi yiota, did you pass the L1 in Dec2006.

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