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@2007-10-09 23:04:06
hello every one
i tried to register todau for level 1 june 2008 exam and the cost is 1078$. is that include the books and every thing or not??
is there any possible way to reduce the cost???

thank s
@2007-10-10 14:23:58
I am about 95% sure that the cost does NOT include the books. I know this because I ordered the books long before I registered. As for reducing the cost, as far as I know there is not a way to reduce the cost, but about half of that is a one time fee and if you do not pass the june 2008 exam you will only have to pay about half of that to register again for december 2008.
@2007-10-11 03:20:34
The cost includes CFA Institute material also.
@2007-10-12 10:43:57
From June 08, registration fee includes CFA INSTITUTE material. It is no longer an option whetehr or not to buy their books, but compulsory.
@2007-10-12 22:29:37
There was a deadline to get the discount on the June 2008 material. I believe it was October 2,2007. My cost for all books needed was just a few dollars under $1,000
@2007-10-23 05:10:41
Imagine the people in India, they have to pay in US Dollars, that sucks.
@2007-10-26 15:36:30
If you think that sucks then I wonder what candidates in Zimbabwe might be feeling!!!
@2010-07-05 10:03:43
Hello I'm from Bosnia. What do you think about this exam is it worth to pass. It's a lot of money for us

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