AuthorTopic: Level 1: dec vs. june
@2019-02-11 16:32:35
I failed L1 in December and realize it may have been an easier curve.

My question is whether this was reflected on our breakdowns. In other words, if I was between 50 and 70 on FSA, was that a relative or an absolute? Is that the percentage I answered correctly or is that the percentage I answered correctly as compared to a top-5% test-taker?

@2019-03-06 19:34:29
employment is not an excuse for failing. All I perceive from your most recent post is that you are making excuses for your failing to pass level 1. I personally know several individuals that pass all levels of CFA while employed full time. score is a range of your accuracy on individual questions. I personally think giving a range like 50-70 gives CFA power to hide certain data from the public
@2019-03-11 22:12:56
all the smack you run and you failed level I. Thats a shame.
@2019-04-22 11:22:07
First, I don't know what smack I've run.

Second, I would have passed if I were unemployed:-)

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Craig Baugh