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@2009-06-07 16:04:24
What did you all think about the Level 1 exam? I thought Analyst Notes mock exams were much harder. There were only a handful of questions on each exam that were a bit tricky and the CFA mock exam was very similar to the real thing. I am only concerned that if everyone agrees that it wasnt that tough, will the passing mark be set higher? Also I imagine that having only 3 responses as opposed to 4 adds to it being easier. To be honest, there were some questions that were so straight forward I couldnt believe they were on it, especially given the supposedly mythical number of only 35% passing Level 1. Can anyone compare this to Level 1 in Dec? Same difficulty? On a final note, what a slap in the face it will be if they fail me!!! :-))
@2009-06-08 07:55:25
I had no idea that the exam format was switching to 3 answers from 4. The only explanation I've heard is that since a higher number of foreigners has been taking the test they needed to make it somewhat easier for them to read and translate all the English.

I suppose it could make the test easier but it also makes it more difficult to get in the right part of the curve.

I took L1 in December and don't remember near as many straightforward questions, so there was definitely a change in the way the test is administered. I thought the ethics questions were actually a little tougher than the questions in the curriculum material.
@2009-06-08 09:10:51
Totally agree. The mock exam was so much close to real thing. but still I have a weird feeling that my performance wasn't good enough. we'll see :)
@2009-06-11 21:51:53
The exam was good enough, in that there were quite a lot of direct questions. But I agree with AkuK. One always has a weird feeling. I dont want to be entirely confident that I have got through, since no one knows which way the curve will go!!
@2009-06-15 01:51:01
Hi, I have just ordered the analyst pro version for the December level 1 exam. Does anyone know how many pages is the ebook. What was your study strategy? Did you study online, or did you print the notes, how many pages? Please help...
Many thinks
@2009-06-15 11:51:07
I think I would give one advice to everyone. Go through all the materials and expect question from everywhere. The original exam is not quantitative at all, but its covers almost everything.
@2017-01-03 15:13:47
may someone ssist me with L1 study materils?
@2017-01-10 01:08:26
Hi, I have a study plan for CFA Level 2.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach