AuthorTopic: level 1 June or December 07?
@2007-01-09 10:18:36
Have i got time if i start now? Please someone sensible let me know. I`ll probably be able to get 15 hours a week work put into it. Should i realistically be looking at doing level 1 in December or just go for it and do it in June? My only worry is that i will have to wait until JUne 2009 to sit level 2.
@2007-01-09 22:52:53
Gabe, I believe one can do it in June if you have some exp. in the industry, have some financial knowledge (esp. Accounting) and/or can study pretty darn hard to grasp most of the material.
@2007-01-14 02:47:13
Hi Gabe, it will be a very personal choice. I registered in Jan and I will be writing the exam in June 07. I have an engineering background and I only had a fundamental financial accounting course in university. The CFA material is indeed very challenging.

Note that Accounting is only one part of CFA L1, there are stuffs like ethics, econ, and other finance topics...

What you can do is look at the LOSs (Learning Objective Statements, available on the CFA website)and see how confortable (or "uncomfortable") you are...then go with your gut feeling...

Anyway, the LOSs is helping me a lot to understand the materials

CFA Discussion Topic: level 1 June or December 07?

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
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Craig Baugh