AuthorTopic: Level 1 mock exams - too tough
@2015-12-08 17:25:27
I found the mock exams here are much "tougher" than its Schweser's sample exams. Basically, each question is more "wordy", tough to finish it on time. Most of the question asks TWO sub-questions rather than a straightforward single-single question. HATE IT!!! So, you might think you have 1.5 minute to answer a question, you actually have only half of it.

Anyone has found the same? I started feeling frustrated. Does CFA exam like to play our eyeballs as well?
@2015-12-09 09:47:08
The CFA test has tons of those 2 parters, sorry to say. Dec 14 ethics were like those :(
@2015-12-21 12:20:15
Each mock exam includes includes apparently more challenging questions (hate it and love it). So, I have to learn how to scan the questions. I think it should be bottom-up approach. Read the last sentence first.

good luck
@2015-12-21 20:09:04
Time saver tip :

1) For all the questions, regarless of LOS and SS, start with the question stem if you have a big fact pattern, so you will be ready to process most appropriate info.

Else you would read once, leave a couple of important info, then read the question, go back and forth to comprehend and .... waste a min of 20-25 sec.

a)Have a quick glance at the answer choices too. this will also drive what to look for in the question.
b) This will dictate if you have a big fact with all numbers, you wouldnt jump in start calculating, to just end up seeing a theory type if this is a fwd premium or discount, instead of asking what is the pre or disc.
@2015-12-22 23:43:44
2 part questions are quite common in both mock exams of AnalystNotes and the real exam - some even have three parts, where they give you 3 columns on answers and have to choose the 3 correct answers, hence in most cases finding two answers is enough to find the actually answer in the 3-parters. In the 2-parters you will have to find both answers to find the correct choice.
@2016-01-18 15:29:31
Others answered earlier about the CFA having multipart answers. My experience passing the first level was that the actual test clearly laid out what you were being asked. I found very few questions where I needed to put forth interpretations on the question to know where I needed to go. However, I often found the need to do so in Analyst Notes and Schweser's practice tests.

As to Analyst Notes tests, I spent little time using them but bombed on them horribly. And then passed Level 1 easily.
@2016-01-19 18:48:45
no kidding that this is tough!

has anyone tried the mock exams on the CFA website?
@2016-01-20 20:47:58
spent 2.5min per question and did pretty poorly...sigh, wll need to sharpen up.
@2016-02-08 13:09:08
I just tried the first mock exam here and I have to say it was tough!

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!