AuthorTopic: Level 1 - overrrrr
@2016-12-12 16:58:26
so, the exam was over.
the questions were well, easier than the mocks and samples, so that was a good thing.
although i have a pretty good feeling about most of the questions, can't be too sure. miracles happen both ways on exam day lol.

the total number of candidates was over a hundred and a quarter thousand! (I can't post html here, so google the phrase "bloomberg dec cfa")

so level 2 and 3 candidates, can I ask your opinion on the passing rates given the very high increase in number of L1 candidates over the past couple of years. I heard/read someplace that the CFAI intends to grant only a few charters each year - which would mean that more candidates = lower percentage clear...any thoughts on this?

CFA Discussion Topic: Level 1 - overrrrr

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.