AuthorTopic: Level 1 Results & CFA Institute response
@2006-01-12 04:10:16
I called CFA Institute to find out when level 1 results will be released. Their reply was soon (within 2 to 4 working days). Could someone tell me when level one results were published last year? It will give me an indication that the actual results will be +/- one to two days from last year's date. Did any one else called CFA Institute and was told otherwise? Just wondering
@2006-01-12 22:09:16
I am as anxious as anyone to get my level 1 results and hopefully update my resume. But come on folks, are you people actually calling and bothering CFA Institute? So relax and drop a patience pill. The results will be here shortly...peace.
@2006-01-13 16:43:01
I have great respect for CFA holders and the institute itself, but I find it frustrating and unprofessional that they aren't able to provide a specific date when results will be available. It's almost like, "whenever we get things together we'll let you know." No other testing program has this type of policy. And the fact that they will not give you your specific score or what you needed to pass just adds to the frustration.
@2006-01-17 13:44:09
I have just called them. I was told the results will be available by the end of January!! Anybody else has different information?
@2009-01-18 12:13:55
The results are out. 34% pass rate. I am glad to be one of the 34%:).

I just paid for your level 2 notes. Great job, analystnotes!

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!