AuthorTopic: LEVEL 1 - Starting now?
@2019-02-10 21:36:22
I'm just getting round to starting now but reading a lot of your comments you all seem to be fairly well into your programs. Do you think starting now is leaving enough time for June?

I have a good grasp of the basics of the course and can probably put 1.5/2 hours of study in every weekday and say 3/4 at the weekends but I havnt actually studied in 3 years so it may take some getting use to.

I'd appreciate any thoughts??
@2019-02-12 19:13:43
Try to aim for a study session per week (give or take a day) with about a month or so to review. Depending on your background, that should be enough.

and make sure to actually know the information. Simply having a good, college understanding of the material is not enough.
@2019-02-14 05:19:39
I started my preparation 3 days back and made an extensive study plan. Though I will register in second week of Feb.

I am sure with dedication and consistency it is very much possible.

Good luck.

@2019-05-26 11:07:58
I hold Bsc degree in finance and Msc degree in financial planning from Western Australia plus I have worked for 3years at a commercial bank as a finance officer in Africa. So is it really important for me to study CFA to get a job easily and work in USA?

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