AuthorTopic: Level 1 watching video and doing quizzes
@2020-02-08 08:46:18
I started studying for the June Level 1 last week of January. I've been watching some videos during the weekdays for 3 readings and then focus on solving analystnotes’s basic questions. So far I've been solving 40 questions/reading during the weekends. But I'm already feeling worried that my study plan not work. Can you guys share your study plans? and for those who watched Mark's videos, were you guys able to understand perfectly what he was saying? I like his videos but for some topic, I feel very lost even after watching his lectures. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!
@2020-02-01 18:10:09
I have also noticed in the Analystnotes learning environment there are discussions below the topic areas. A lot of people tend to have the same questions about the same topics. It's not always helpful but there are some fruits of knowledge in those discussion sections. It’s encouraging to find out that you’re not the only one struggling on the same concepts.
@2020-04-09 16:18:04
As for Mark's video I've watched his videos, never taken his quizzes. I can say I’ve certainly gotten lost from his videos but that might be more of an indictment on myself than on him. I also heard he does not have his CFA yet ...

CFA Discussion Topic: Level 1 watching video and doing quizzes

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