AuthorTopic: LEVEL 2 - ANYONE?
@2007-02-11 10:07:15
Hi guys.

I hope that you are well. Is there anyone here writing the level 2 exam? If so, could you please update me on your progress and advise me on which other material you have found to be most useful.

Thank you and best of luck!!!
@2007-02-16 19:07:07
I am a Level II here...
@2007-02-17 17:23:03
I am Level II also. I have started studying last month so I am not sure how well my preparation will be.
@2007-02-26 10:49:11
What notes are you guys using? I have started late too. How is the studying going?

How many hours are you putting in a week?
@2007-02-28 15:11:56
I have recently started studying daily for atleast an hour and ramp up during weekends.
@2007-03-08 06:34:19
thinkB, how is it going? I have started recently as well. Same like you. It is stated that you should study for 20 weeks with 15 - 20 hours each week.... i am not close to this. any advice. where are you from?
@2007-03-08 11:26:15
Advice for late starters. Hopefully most of you have some financial industry/analysis experience. If not, I am not too certain what compelled you to register so late. Anyway, noe that you have done so, I would then suggest you try a testbank software such as the one on this site. It basically gives you rigor in short period of time. (you need to know the underlying content, though.

Has anyone ever used AnalystNotes testbank? Would be curious to see how good it is. you need one that will scare the shit out of you at first.
@2007-03-12 17:51:52
Hi Ree2, I am not close to that but trying to study whenever I can and can concentrate. One thing I realized from L1 was when I cameback to review after 2-3 months of studying I had forgotten most part. So this time I am putting aside few hours of the week to review previous readings.

I am using AnalystNotes.

BTW, I am from Memphis, TN.
@2007-03-26 09:24:17
Hi thinkB. I am struggling to find the hours. I hope its going better with you. Are you taking time off work closer to the exam? I am not giving up yet, Im just going to put in my best effort. It's still possible to get through.
Keep me updated on your progress.
@2007-03-31 01:57:17
Ree2, I am in the same situation as you. I think taking time off work closer to exam is more of a necessity now than an option for me. Still aiming to complete the reading by early may so that I can allocate some serious time to practice exams. where r u from?
@2007-04-11 20:00:27
I'm trying that strategy as well. I'm pushing to finish. Which sections have you completed? What is your profession? I am from South Africa. Any advice?
@2007-04-25 17:16:27
Ree2, Sorry of the delayed reply. South Africa - cricket fan? I am trying to complete the readings by May 10 and start practice exams from then on. I work as Fixed Income Tech. Analyst at a Capital Mkts firm. I think it will be a good idea to review the formula sheet regularly. Any advice from your side?
@2007-05-02 19:48:48
Hi all, to make you all feel good about your studying..... FYI I just started studying on the 15th of April..ALSO... I passed Level I exam in 2001 and got too tied up with family and work load since then.... I'm putting anywhere between 4-8 hours a day, even on a working day!!! so wish me luck
Anyone thinks I might be able to PASS?
@2007-05-06 21:11:39
Hey Guys,
This is my first time on this website.
I am writing Level 2 on June 2nd (27 Days).
I have read all the readings, but frankly don't remember much so I am studying some notes I made during the readings so I can actually learn the material. I am not sure if I will have time to try more than 2 practice exams. My point by mentioning my status is that finishing the readings is one thing but remembering the material is another. I think one problem with starting to study too early is, keeping the material in your memory. I pretty much started studying for Level 1 six weeks prior to exam and did about 8hrs per day and passed with flying colors but Level 2 seems to be much tougher as it has new material I am not found of from my degree program a few years back. I also know that the format of case studies over straight out question tend to be tougher. Any ideas on how to tackle the new format of Level two item set (case studies)???
Good luck to all
@2007-05-09 21:57:44
Hi, I'm also taking L2 this June. I live in Seattle.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!