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@2009-11-23 23:20:36
I'm not sure if there are any level 3 candidates in this forum. Registration process offered sample questions for levels 1 and 2 only. Anyway, the issue I am trying to address is as follows: I passed levels 1 and 2 with ease. I had no problem with the first two levels.
On my first attempt at level 3, I used the schweser notes only. I failed miserably. With a few of the questions, I wasn't even familiar with the topic at hand. I would later find out that the CFA candidate readings are especially important for level 3. It seems as though some of the topics in candidate readings are not addressed in schweser notes.
So I tried again. This time with the CFA institute study materials. I knew this material like the back of my hand. My understanding of the study material was as strong, if not stronger, that it was for levels 1&2, which I passed with ease. Despite this, I failed again..almost as miserably as with the first attempt. The questions on the exam were presented in a different way than they were in the candidate readings. It seemed like cfa inst. was trying to make me think outside the box, which is not my strength.
So I tried once again in 2007. Same as last attempt. Used cfa study materials, understood the curriculum thoroughly and once again froze on exam day. Again, some of the questions were presented in a way that was much different than in the candidate readings.
Note: I did not take a class nor did I join a study group for any of the level 3 attempts.
Has anybody else experienced similar problems with level 3?
Would taking a class help?
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
@2009-12-11 01:56:07
I am enrolled in level 2, passed Level 1 in June. Your feedback doesnt sound very encouraging. I was just wondering if you did the practice exams that CFA institute gives before the exam. I found it extremely helpful for Level 1 and will def do them for level 2.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach