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@2005-01-06 15:54:47
Morning session was brutal from a time manangement perspective, too many problems requiring two part computations felt like 180 questions instead of 120. I skipped Ethics in morning to concentrate on quicker/easier problems and am glad I did (I think), but had to come back to Ethics with only 5 minutes resulting in reading answer only and picking most conservative. AIMR materials state all questions equal weighted but I've read some internet chat elsewhere indicating that borderline scores are decided by Ethics score. If that's true, wouldn't AIMR disclose it. Anyone have some insight?
@2005-01-06 23:29:12
It mentions that in the study guide (if I am not mistaken), that if you do badly and you are a borderline your ethics score could decide whether you pass or not. Its on pg 7 of the 2005 June Level 1 Study guide.
@2005-01-07 09:19:58
Check again, I believe it's purely fiction. If AIMR would let someone pass with 160/240 and not let someone else pass with 161/240 because their ethics score was 50% that would seem very unfair, without at least a reference in the study guide for this to potentially occur.
@2005-01-09 17:52:37
Well I checked it and word for word this is what it says ...

"Pay particular attention to the ethics section (in italics. For papers near the minimum passing score, performance on the ethics section is a material factor in the pass/fail decision"

I have to interest in getting you worried.

And if you still don't believe me its the 3rd dot point from the bottom on pg 7 on the left hand side.
@2005-01-10 10:39:51
Thanks, I took the December 2004 Exam and the Study Guide makes no reference to this point.

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