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@2016-07-20 05:19:13
Hi guys! I've just enrolled for dec level I exam and i was wondering how is your study going?and to be more relevant no of hours planned and a short study plan.

I am thinking about starting in august 1.5 ss per week plus 6 weeks for revision and mock exams, somewhere around 400h. I have analystpro package and i'll get soon cfai materials.
@2016-07-23 23:03:28
It all depends on your background. Some of the study sessions are very small so won't take you a week to look at. Just keep the plan flexible.

I have an excel spreadsheet where I monitor the number of hours I do and my progress. So far i've done c60hours in 3.5weeks and have finished, Ethics, Quant and 90% of FRA. I'm going to be studying them all again next week and nail the Qbank, EOC, and basic questions. I want to be 80% on these by w/c 13th Aug.

My plan is close to 450hours..not sure how much I'll end up doing tho.
@2016-08-30 22:17:21
I am enrolled for the Dec. 2016 exams too! I have started my CFA readings about a month ago. I am done with ethics (took me forever to get through it) and now I am working my way through Quants. Do note that I recently graduated with a finance/accounting/statistics background, so most of the material will be a review for me from my university years.

I created a schedule, where for the next 3 months, I am planning on reading all 5 CFAI books, and doing the end of readings questions. Do take notes of any important or hard to memorize concepts in a separate review notebook that you can use when you?ll be done all the readings.

In the last month, I am planning to do:

*AnalystNotes review questions* - there are about 6000 questions, so I will go through as many as possible.
*CFA Institute End of Chapter Questions*
*CFA Institude Mock Exams* - I think you need to pay for these?
*Read the CFA Institute Ethics book 1-2 times* - I am planning on leaving this near the end of the month so that my short-term memory can work its magic during the Exam. Do note that I have already read the ethics material, so this reading should be fast and mostly review.

I am planning on writing at least 4-6 mock exams before the Dec. Exam.

Also, I will be taking notes of the questions that I will be getting wrong, and compile them into a separate exam for me to retake.

Hope this helped, and good luck with your studies :)

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