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@2004-10-21 22:12:16
I am reading the ethics here for level I. I am up to the part on plagarism. I am a little confused as to when these codes apply. For example, what if you plagarized in college or something, years before even knowing about AIMR. Would you be in violation of the code? Would you not be able to become an AIMR member or CFA charterholder? Also - when you are in violation of a standard what happens?Is this when you go through the proceeding related to professional conduct?
@2004-10-28 07:33:30
No, only AIMR members and candidates are bound by the code of ethics. When you were in college, years before knowing about AIMR, presumably you were neither a member nor a candidate. When you are in violation of a standard, AIMR might censure you - this is when you go through the proceedings. If history is a guide, AIMR abuses candidates who violate standards, but turns a blind eye to Charterholders.
@2004-10-31 21:24:22
So this applies to the felony convictions also? That doesnt make sense to me. You could be convicted of a felony before becoming a candidate and be ok? I guess you wouldnt have to go through any AIMR proceedings but this would probably prevent you from being a charterholder no?
@2004-11-01 12:45:22
It seems like an extreme case, but I don't think a felony conviction, in and of itself, would bar you from AIMR membership or being granted a charter. Does a felony conviction make you a less competent analyst? Past performance is not an indicator of future results.
@2004-11-12 13:42:52
A very interesting question in the Level I exam this June was that a guy registered for Level I exam, but did not sit in the test. Then he boasted to his boss that he passed the Level I and now was a candidate for Level II. He used "CFA Level II" signs on his card. Did he violate any ethics codes?
This guy has apparently violated the ethics codes. But the problem is, he was no longer a CFA candidate after failing to take part in the exam, so he should not have violated any ethics codes by boasting or using wrong designation. So I chose "No, he did not violate any ethcis codes." I am not sure about my answer.
I passed Level I, anywhere.

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