AuthorTopic: Level I exam is now over!
@2017-12-11 16:20:26
I partied for the last two days after I got this december exam done..went well for me. ANotes did a good job preparing. Ethics was difficult but the exam was not bad after doing all the questions on here.

I do suggest that everybody read the taxes section in the CFA books. It helps. For a lott've people with their comments on their websites I would suggest reading the bond section as well. People were really confused about that section. Other then that, do the questions on this site and remember your MISTAKES. You'll be fine after that. It's a great site for questions.

Big thing for me was...its pretty funny....I was somewhat discouraged for the exam....I did not do a single mock exam or practice exam....I'm an actuary and thought the exams would be pretty similar....for act.sci exams the choices are A, B, C and D and E....when I got to the CFA exam and only three choice with A,B and C....I was like made it SOOOO much easier. On actuarial exams they get you. D and E are choices like A and B are correct or none of the above and etc. It makes it way harder. Big relief on the exam...

Anyways...thanks a tonne AN....great site..
@2018-01-17 13:25:17
It used to be A, B, C or D. Then it went to just A, B or C. So glad it's not 5 choices, that word hurt my feelings having 5 choices...

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh