AuthorTopic: Level I Exam - Thoughts
@2015-12-07 12:07:58
I thought the morning session was really hard. The wording of the questions was lousy, and I had to read each question a few times. The format of questions was very different from what I expected from the Schweser study notes and practice exams. Anyone else have thoughts??
@2015-12-07 03:43:35
I found the morning session very difficult as well. Had to rush to finish on time. Afternoon was better. I used Stalla notes, the focus/format in the notes deviate a lot from the actual exam. Wonder if there is really a good set of notes and samples exams for levelII
@2015-12-08 05:59:21
haha i got punished bad for not reading the GIPs!
@2015-12-08 13:34:48
I tried Level I first 2 years ago and almost passed it.
This year's exam I found it much more difficult.
@2015-12-09 06:42:59
I think that the overall the exam was ok ...however for the ethics part i used only the schweser study notes and ...the exam was completely different from that !!! ..i guess we do need the real code of ethics book!
@2015-12-09 11:50:10
I believe that the sample questions on this website is not bad, I did not feel too hard on two sessions, the reason I might not pass is i did not have enough time to read through all questions.
@2015-12-10 13:43:04
me too! I focused on ethics and forgot to review GIPs...
@2015-12-11 20:15:14
did any of you guys used cfa center notes? if you did, how would you rank it after taking the exam using these notes, practice and mock exams???
@2015-12-12 22:19:54
analystnotes notes were much better than Schweser or stalla - I used all three, and this was the most applicable.
@2015-12-13 06:35:25
what really got me were the simple questions: I had prepared for some hardcore shit and instead was faced with simple trivia questions, which is a fairly annoying stumbling block considering the maddening formulas and concepts you are required to learn.
furthermore, as AnalystNotes questions are heavy on the mindfuckery, I approached every question with paranoia, thinking that the question/answer COULDN'T be that easy, which made me second-guess myself more than is healthy.
Anyway, I have 2 months to agonise over the results. in the meantime, I'll keep doing practive problems: you know, just in case...
@2018-01-17 13:19:13
I actually thought the afternoon was much harder, but the tiredness of the first session was kicking in by could have been that.

Just glad it's over, although wont really be able to celebrate (drown my sorrows) until I get my results.

Pass, pay rise = good start to 2018
Fail, no pay rise = shit start to 2018

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!