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@2015-11-16 23:14:27
Hello all,

I was just wondering when everyone began or plans to begin studying for the Level I. I am in college right now and will be taking it in June 2016. So studying will have to mingle with my college work. Anyone else in the same situation or have any advice? I plan to study my a** off otherwise. Thanks.
@2015-11-30 10:14:24
I started studying in January for the June 15 CFA Level 1 exam and passed. Starting to study in fall is nuts; you will peak too early and burn out.

If you aren't a finance expert, are in school, and want to do something right now to start preparing, you might want to consider doing an accounting course as a refresher, since accounting is the single most heavily tested subject area on the exam.
@2015-11-30 12:39:23
hi, just wanted to know if 5 months preparation from January to May with full time job (9 to 5 :( ) will be enough for the L1 2016 exam?
@2015-12-10 20:35:03
That really depends on:
- your current knowledge of CFA Lvl.1 topics
- level of commitment (ability and willingness to allocate time to study)
- Ability to grasp new material (some people are quicker than others, and some need a little more time)

Other than that, if you come from a Finance background and you're VERY sharp, it is quite possible to do it in a week or two (study, eat, study, sleep, study, lol - u get the point), otherwise the CFA Institute recommends 300+ hours.
@2019-03-13 09:11:57
Thanks Divus,
I am from engineering background and I have no knowledge of the CFA !I am good with numbers and maths and I think I can allocate time and be very committed to study..I know it will be new materials to me but I think I will give it a go and start in a week or two,
twenty weeks x 20hours/week = 400hours should be enough:)

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!