AuthorTopic: Level I - which question bank to use?
@2015-08-02 09:24:25
Hello every one:

Currently i have the CFA institute's own materials. But many people say that it wont have many questions for practice and that i should subscribe to other preparation providers.
Please send me your suggestions as to

1. Should I buy any other prep providers' materials or are the materials from CFA enough
2. In case i MUST buy prep providers' materials, which one is the best

@2015-10-06 09:01:30
You need tons of questions. Basically you have 2 choices in the market: Schweser or AnalystNotes. Schweser is 8 times more expensive ($500 - 600), and in terms of quality they are very similar. Make a choice.
@2015-10-10 04:25:25
i bought Schweser practice exam books volumes 1 and 2. i also use analyst notes. i may also purchase the practice exams from CFAI. The practice questions of Schweser are easier than Analyst Notes. I am confused how difficult is the real exam going to be. If the questions are like those from Schweser, then it would be great!
@2015-11-07 11:25:32
Hi guys...
I'm on the dilemna right now where I do really well on the schweser notes (approx. 80%+) and only happen to manage 50% in the analyst notes.

Can someone tell me whether the schweser ones are sufficient enough? The two question types involved are quite different. Of course, I should go through as much questions as possible, but it was quite disheartening to do SO BAD on these analyst notes "sample" questions...

Please HELP!!!
@2015-11-13 05:03:58
Analyst notes are better, they are more similar to the actual exam. I have a friend who has taken 3 years to pass level 1, the first year she used just the CFA books and failed, the second year she used CFA books and Schweser and failed as well, the third time she only used Analyst notes and did not evan use the CFA books and passed.
@2016-01-02 15:30:19
I have not tried the Analyst notes but I find the question structures pretty different for the mock exam (which is very similar to the real exam)and Schweser. There are more calculations on Schweser and some are pretty tricky but their concept questions are easier. The mock exam on the other hand has more difficult concept questions but much straight forward calculation questions.

Advises from friends who has taken and passed L1: Read the Schweser book (I'm sure Analyst Notes works too), go through the curriculum at least once, do lots of practice questions and mock exams! Mock exams is very important, it helps you get used to the questions' structure.
@2016-01-08 00:09:39
Schweser mosses the boat. Too generic and simple. Lots of people fail using Schweser qbanks
@2019-08-21 17:32:15
Can anyone help me and tell me about the quality of questions on Analystnotes...I want to practice questions which are closer to REAL exams??

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu