AuthorTopic: Level II 2012
@2012-06-04 01:17:36
How did you guys find the Level 2 exam? Any takes?
@2012-06-04 15:35:47
Took the test in Montreal.

Morning session was rought if you ask me. They really did not spare us in inventory and long lived assets.

Afternoon session was easy . The accounting part in the afternoon was so easy compared to the morning, i couldnt believe it.

I give myself 60% in the morning session and 75% in the afternoon session.

How about you guys?
@2012-06-05 23:24:01
completely agree morning session was indeed tough ... although I am not so sure about the percentages
@2012-06-08 20:57:21
Yes completely agree, morning session tough. Hope it was the same for everyone....

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