AuthorTopic: Level II Candidates in Bangkok
@2006-08-03 06:44:11
Any candidates schedules to take/planning to sit for Level II in June 2007.

If some, why dont we form a study group soon.

@2006-08-05 02:58:22
I'm planning to take 2007 L2. I'm Sourav from India. I haven't started anything yet. Presently I've just signed up for L2 at analystnotes. As for the study materials I'm going to buy them when I'm done with analystnotes.

Are you going to use some Review Notes or the CFA study material? I'm gonna use CFA study mats. and Analystnotes. Another thing I was wondering about was how exactly, do you think, will the level 2 be different from level 1. I mean, I think it's gonna get tougher, maybe the coverage will increase, they are going to test you on more interrelated concepts, more in depth and analytical questions etc.

It would be really nice to have some L2 veteran give us some tips.
@2006-08-11 14:28:36
Hi Sourav!
I too plan to take L2 June 2007.I'm Dhiraj from Mumbai.
I can contact you via email if you provide me one.
@2006-08-13 03:04:37
Hey! Dhiraj,

Good to hear from you. Did you get the CFA L2 materials yet. Presently I'm in a turmoil. I've decided to resign from my present job at Indiainfoline Ltd, as a Branch Manager and get into research. But man!! is it difficult. They just aren't ready to let me into research, without any research experience.

Sometimes I wonder if I should stay on in broking or maybe get into institutional sales. What do you do? Let's get in touch. Bye.
@2006-08-13 15:59:28
Hi Sourav
I still do not have the Level II notes, what about you?
@2006-08-18 04:24:54
That was a good response from all you there.

You can contact me at

Hope to catch u guys soon.
@2006-08-21 01:37:32
Dhiraj & Kafley, have you guys started studying yet.

This time, I mean for L2 I wanted to take things slowly and make sure I absorbed the material. I just don't want the last moment rush anymore, though that seems inevitable almost always.

All L2 people plz join this forum. Though it is true that a local study group would help, I don't have any such group where I live. So, maybe an online study group might be of more help to me and some others.

I'm starting a new thread for online L2 study group. L2 candidates plz join and L3 candidates, any help from you ppl is really appreciated. Thanks
@2006-08-22 06:39:18
I have just got the materials from Analystnotes and I am printing them.

I will be starting by first week of Sept.

@2006-08-22 14:00:40
That's pretty good. I have downloaded the notes too. They have case studies in Ethis portion.

I am not sure how I'm gonna start but I think it'll be with FSA & Economics. Danlan joined the online group. I'll post there too.

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