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@2006-06-04 19:18:25
I think the morning session was easier...the multinational operation problem was hard to me and the problem relating to PBO too! and the question of the payer swation was also difficult I couldnt remember the formula! Any other thoughts?
@2006-06-04 21:03:28
There's no question about it - it was not an easy exam. It was written by people whos only job is to write a question that will intentionally steer the masses into thinking they easily got the right answer... For the most part, they didn't.

Good luck, everyone...
@2006-06-04 23:36:40
I spoke with 4 LII'ers after or between the exam and they all had trouble with the first half. The second half was obviously more difficult so overall I'd say from my sample that it wasn't as easy as some here think. Remember, we're the small group that care enough to post messages and even come here the morning after. I felt great after the morning and slightly worse for the afternoon.

For those repeat testers - perhaps it was easier just because it was the second time around?
@2006-06-05 01:45:01
AM not so bad.....PM tough. I finished the AM with about 30 minutes remaining and so I went through some of the questions. On 3 of them I found errors due to CFA's ability to steer you down the wrong direction. I am wondering how many other questions that I thought I got right were actually wrong just because of some minutia that I missed. All and all I thought the test was very reasonable though. You either knew the material or you didn't.
@2006-06-05 09:25:20
Can any tell me what topics come up in the morning session? It's because I only attended the afternoon session.
@2006-06-06 04:14:49
I think the difficulty of both AM and PM sessions was due to the fact that the exam covered ALL topics at their smallest contributions. I think one needs to remember all fractions of details to score high. My tutorial strategy was way too wrong. I think I scored nearly For those topics that I didn't cover, I just relied on my pure luck. So sad
@2006-06-06 10:20:31
Overall, i think the exams were ok.
@2006-06-15 23:30:29
This is my second attempt for the Level II exam. The morning session was way easier than the afternoon one. For those who uses Schweser notes, you would notice that some of the questions were not covered by the notes.
@2006-06-16 02:34:37
Was this exam harder than the one you didnt pass? Was there any surprise to you? thanks for the feedback! I really studied hard and Im nervous waiting for the results!!!!!! Anyone knows about Passpro?
@2006-06-19 12:51:17
According to CFA Institute's site, results for level 2 don't come out until late August. I'm sure they said previously late July, at the same time as Level 1.

It seems odd it should take so long, especially since all they've got to do it bung it through a machine.

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